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When searching for addresses, don't include the street direction or the street suffix. For example, 404 W. Elm St. would be "404 Elm".

If a property is on the 4400 block of Main St., simply type "44 Main". All addresses with 44 Main will appear in the search results (4401, 4402, 4403, etc.)

Use the checkboxes next to Parcels (which include dimensions), Zoning and Street Names to turn those features on/off. Use the radio buttons next to Aerial and Streets to change the basemap from aerial photography to a Winnebago/Boone County street map.

Click on any parcel to display pin, address and county as well as lat/long coordinates and driving direcions.
To pan the map north, south, east and west use the arrows on the top, sides and corners of the map or click and drag the map in the desired direction.

To zoom in/out:
  • Use the plus/minus button in the upper left corner
  • If you are using a mouse with a scroll wheel simply roll forward to zoom in and backward to zoom out
  • Double clicking a point will also zoom the map forward
  • Lastly, clicking and dragging a box while holding down the Shift key, allows you to zoom into a specific area
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While every effort has been made to provide accurate information, WinGIS cannot and does not warrant the accuracy of:

•  Property and boundary lines
•  The dimensions of parcels and lots
•  The location of structures or improvements
•  Topographic or geologic features on the land
Only on site verification or field surveys by a licensed professional land surveyor can provide such accuracy.

In compliance with Illinois Freedom of Information Act, WinGIS no longer displays property owner information.

(from FIOA)
"What kind of information can I not get access to?...
FOIA defines "private information” as "unique identifiers, including a person's social security number, driver's license number, employee identification number, biometric identifiers, personal financial information, passwords or other access codes, medical records, home or personal telephone numbers, and personal e-mail addresses." Under FOIA, "private information also includes home addresses and personal license plate numbers, except as otherwise provided by law or when compiled without possibility of attribution to any person."

Searches may only be performed on addresses and parcel numbers (pin), and only addresses and parcel numbers will be displayed in the search results.
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