Since its creation WinGIS has operated under the guidelines established in the WinGIS Intergovernmental Agreement and/or the WinGIS Implementation Plan prepared by PlanGraphics, Inc. As WinGIS has grown and matured, the need for explicit statements of business mission, vision, and values has been identified. These philosophies drive the operational functions, goals, and objectives to be planned and achieved as future endeavors.

Mission Statement

The mission of WinGIS is to create and manage an accurate countywide Geographic Information System (GIS) designed to offer shared data and applications to its members. The impact is a coordinated GIS that provides partners with the ability to make more efficient and effective decisions to provide better services to the public.

Vision Statement

The vision of WinGIS is to be a nationally recognized intergovernmental consortium providing seamless data transfer, thereby optimizing efficient workflows and cost-saving analysis in partner agencies.

Strategic Plan Goals & Objectives