WinGIS Upgrades & Changes

New Format

WinGIS is now responsive, meaning that its format allows for it to be viewed on a variety of devices. Now, with no more need for an abridged mobile version of WinGIS, all of the information that users view on their desktop or laptop, are now available when using a tablet or mobile phone. The only change to the Parcel Search is that County options (Winnebago, Boone and Stephenson) are now contained in a drop down menu, rather than the buttons the used to below the input box.

The Layers that WinGIS users are accustomed to toggling on/off are still available. In fact, there is a new addition to the group of available layer. Located in two drop down menus directly above the Parcel Search users will find a list of base maps (Aerial images, Streets, or Hybrid - a combination of the two) as well as an Additional Layers drop down menu which consists of Parcel Lines, Zoning, Street Names, and now Flood Zones.

Parcel Information

Parcel Details have been moved from the tabs that used to appear at the top of the map to a separate page. This allows for ease of use on all devices, as mentioned above, as well as increases site performance. Rather than information that may not be desired being queried every time a parcel is selected - draining WinGIS resources and slowing the site - data is now returned on an on-demand basis. The Parcel Details page contains general data regarding the parcel but contains a drop down menu filled with the additional options WinGIS users are accustomed to, like:

  • Tax Information
  • Assessment Information
  • Zoning
  • School District
  • Flood Zone
  • Election Information
  • Sales History
  • Economic Development (Tif Districts, Enterprise Zones, etc.)

Users will still search for and zoom to parcels in the same manner. Now, though, to get to a parcel's Additional Details, simply click on the desired parcel to view a pop up window that contains the parcel’s address and pin, as well as a link to its Details. Each Detail page contains a button to close the Details window/tab and return to the map. To view the details for neighboring parcels, there is no need for an additional search. Simply click on any parcel to receive the info pop up window.


Printing remains, largely, the same. Users can still print a zoomed in aerial view of the selected parcel as well as some general details by selecting "Print photo with details". Additionally, users can still use the second print option which contains a variety of options for size, orientation and file format. The only difference is that the "JPG" format of each option will simply return an image of the map. The "PDF" version will return a more traditional map complete with a logo, scale bar, north arrow, and the date.