Boone County Sales Locator

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The Sale Locator Tool was developed to provide interested parties the ability to easily check on sales activity of single family properties in Boone County. The search tool displays data for single family sales in Boone County which have occurred from January 1st, 2009 through the most recent sale available in the Boone County Supervisor of Assessments Office. Sale details are based on information recorded on Real Estate Transfer Declarations. Sale prices reflect the recorded net consideration for real estate after personal property has been deducted.

The Sale Locator Tool does not measure comparability of the sales to other sales or to any other property. Any determination of comparability would need to be made by other means. The tool only locates sales and displays sale information and some quick facts about the property that sold.

Various types of sale transactions are grouped and shaded according to their assigned group as determined by the Boone County Board of Review. The group names and color codings are described below.

Sales considered “Typical” are shaded green. Sales in this group are frequently referred to as "open market" or "arms-length" transactions and are considered to be good indications of the prevailing market in the survey area.

Sales considered “Non Typical” are shaded red. Because of circumstances surrounding sales in this group, the sales prices are not used by the Department of Revenue in the sales analysis. Property owners can use these sales as evidence, but these sales will be given less weight than "arm's length" sales.

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